Conditional Sentences 4 stkip Pasuruan n Probolinggo

Conditional Sentences
A. Conditional sentences: type 1

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tenses.
1. If I see him I (give) him a lift.
2. The table will collapse if you (stand) on it.
3. If he (eat) all that he will be ill.
4. If I find your passport I (telephone) you at once.
5. The police (arrest) him if they catch him.
6. If he (read) in bad light he will ruin his eyes.
7. Someone (steal) your car if you leave it unlocked.
8. What will happen if my parachute (not open)?
9. If he (wash) my car I’ll give him L10
10. If she (need) a radio she can borrow mine.

B. Conditional sentences : type 2

Put the verbs in brackets into correct tenses.
1. If I had a typewriter I (type) it myself.
2. If I (know) his address I’d give it to you.
3. He (look) a lot better if he shaved more often.
4. If you (play) for lower stakes you wouldn’t lose so much.
5. If he worked more solely he (not make) so many mistakes.
6. I shouldn’t drink that wine if I (be) you.
7. More tourists would come to this country if it (have) a better climate.
8. If I were sent to prison you (visit) me?
9. If someone (give) you a helicopter what would you do with it?
10. I (buy) shares in that company if I had some money.

C. Conditional sentences: type 3

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tenses.
1. If I had know that you were in hospital I (visit) you.
2. The ground was very soft. But for that, my horse (win).
3. If you (arrive) ten minutes earlier you would have got a seat.
4. You would have seen my garden at its best if you (be) here last week.
5. But for his quickness I (be) killed.
6. I shouldn’t have believed it if I (not see) it with my own eyes.
7. If he had slipped he (fall) 500 meters.
8. If he had asked you, you (accept)?
9. If I (had) a map I would have been all right.
10. If I (know) that you were coming I’d have baked a cake.

D. Conditional sentences: mixed types

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tenses.
1. If you (find) a skeleton in the cellar don’t mention it to anyone.
2. If you pass your examination we (have) a celebration.
3. What (happen) if I press this button?
4. I should have voted for her if I (have) a vote then.
5. If you go to Paris where you (stay)?
6. If someone offered to buy you one of those rings, which you (choose)
7. The flight may be cancelled if the fog (get) thick.
8. If the milkman (come) tell him to leave two pints.
9. Someone (sit) on your glasses if you leave them there.
10. You would play better bridge if you (not talk) so much.

E.. Conditional sentences :mixed types

Finish these sentences, taking care to use the correct tenses.
1. If he had taken my advice………..
2. If you ate less……
3. We’ll send for the doctor if…..
4. If she practiced more…….
5. If there isn’t enough wine in that bottle…….
6. If you had checked the petrol before we started…………
7. This clock wouldn’t have run down if……..
8. Try on the blue one if………..
9. If these gates are locked……
10. If we leave before breakfast……..


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