You are expected to do your assignment as soon as you read it.

Reading 4
Understand the meaning of this word “PARAPHRASE”. If you paraphrase a sentence, it means that you make a re-expression of somthing written or said in different words. Example: Uun asked Dian to make a song. The paraphrase of the sentence is Uun had Dian compose a song.
Your assignment:
1. Summerize MORNING AT SEVEN then paraphrase ten sentences you have written. 2. Just read my writing about reading in this post.
Grammar 4
Your assignment.
1. Adjective clause
2. Tenses
3. Modals
4. Conditional sentences
5. Conjunctions
6. Indirect speech
7. Subjunctive
8. Comparison
9. Gerund and participles
10. Clause of reason, Time clauses
11. Passive voice
12. Particles and Preposition
Read any book or you can read the following:



Tomasouw, Pauline and Martani, Jeanne. 1986. STRUCTURE IV B. Jakarta: Universitas Terbuka

All of materials are steted here….

Thomson,A.J and Martinet,A.V. 1986.  A PRACTICAL ENGLISH GRAMMAR. Oxford: Oxford University Press


Quirk, Randolph.1976. A UNIVERSITY GRAMMAR OF ENGLISH. Printed in Hongkong


Nababan, P.W.J and Banun Stia. 1986. STRUCTURE IV A. Jakarta: Universitas Terbuka

Graver, B.D. 1978. ADVANCED UNIVERSITY PRACTICE.  Oxford University Press


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